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As fro the buyer's requested, we are doing the new NXR model.

This time we will use 250cc CBB engine, quiet and powerful.

Also we will bring new features to the model, please following this model on our facebook

Before we shew Shadow model with a street type of model, very elegant and gentle. 

Today we are producing this model with different concept.

With cross tires and high front fender.

As always, we put a engine with inner balancer.

To compress the monster from vibrating.

This is a good model, please send email for more informations.

The GL150 model was released years before, but it never sells as good ad CGL model, what is the reason behind of, maybe because it is $20 expensive than CGL model.

Many parts of this model, are different with other models, so we can not borrow from other bike, the source become unique, or not many options.

Lately we are selling this model with competitive price, please send email to info@gymotor.com to enquiry.

Lately we produce an order of new Crypton model.

New Crypton model with YB series engine, which has balancer in side, displacement is 105cc,  The engine price is about 150 dollars, comparing to the most 110cc engine is 100 US dollars. This model riding with great confirmability and smoothness.

Also we put a aluminum rim for this model, it is thicker and wider.

Lately, the model CG150 is selling well in South American countries, this model is stable, economy and easy to maintenance.

And we are selling this model with very cheap price.

Wave S is a classic cub motorcycle, we just developed it out in late of 2019.

Lately we produce 40 units for Albania market, and 75 for the Bolivian market, both with 110cc engine. Although we have 125cc for option, people turning to 110cc because of the cheap price, and easy to ride.

The head light is with LED decoration, and engine is more powerful than normal 110cc.